Past Presidents

Presidents past and current No 1 Jan 16

(Front Row, left to right) Addie Laws, LaQuinta Parker-Perry, Lorraine Coleman (current president), V. Dianne Peerman Pledger, Sylvia Sloan Black; (Back Row, left to right) Mary Phillips, Erma Smith-King, Sybil Henderson, Eleanor Joyce Roland; (Not Pictured) Paula Woods Giles, Phyllis Beane, Saddie Gillespie, Martina Ballen, Carrie Sue Florence, Letanya Love and Brenda Hackley

CHCAA Past Presidents
(Front Row, left to right) V. Dianne Peerman Pledger, Letanya Love, Sylvia Sloan Black, Addie Laws, Carrie Sue Florence, Sybil Henderson, Erma Smith-King, Mary Phillips and Saddie Gillespie (Not Pictured) Paula Woods Giles, Phyllis Beane, Martina Ballen, LaQuinta Parker-Perry, Eleanor Joyce Roland and Brenda Hackley

Past Presidents:
Paula Woods: 1979-1980

Emma Jean Levi: 1980-1984
Saddie Gillespie: 1984-1985
Phyllis Beane: 1985-1986
Dianne Jackson: 1986-1987
Brenda Hackney: 1987-1988
Mary Jones Phillips: 1988-1990
Eleanor Joyce Roland: 1990-1992
Martina Ballen: 1992-1993
Erma Jean Smith-King: 1993-1995
Sybil Henderson: 1995-1997
Carrie Sue Florence: 1997-1999
Addie S. Laws: 1999-2001
Glennie Beasley: 2001-2002
Sylvia Sloan Black: 2002-2005
LaQuinta Parker Perry: 2005-2009
Letanya Love: 2009-2011
V. Dianne Peerman Pledger: 2011-2015
Lorraine Coleman: 2015-2019
Alicia Smith – Freshwater: 2019-2021
Jemma Boler: 2021 – 2023