The 1-9-13-22 Initiative

The 1-9-13-22 Initiative is the opportunity for South Atlantic Region members to focus on their physical and mental health through four targeted activities

1 Daily personal goal and affirmation:
Keep a daily journal. The journal can be electronic or paper. The journal is to be used to write down your affirmations and to track your goals.

9 minutes of meditation:
Sorors are asked to take at least 9 minutes of your day or week to focus on meditation.

13 check-ins with 13 sorors During February/March and April/May:
You are asked to check-in with 13 sorors in a meaningful way. These sorors can be chapter members, region members, or sorors you have connections with via social media. Be sure to schedule time to connect with a soror and keep a log below.

22 minutes of daily activity:
Sorors are asked to engage in 22 minutes of physical activity daily and log their activity using the activity log provided to the chapter. Click here for calendar of activity examples.

Keep Track of activities using the provided logs. Click here. Submit activity logs to by 25th of each month or monthly chapter meeting. The Physical and Mental Health Committee will collect, track and submit on behalf of the chapter by the Regional deadline each month.